EWL Austin's Inaugural Year

We’re official! The Austin Texas Chapter of EWL was granted 501.c.3 approval in December 2021.  Our first year will be an exciting start-up year. Work with Texas State University continues with the first EWL Austin STAR Scholarships to be awarded in the Fall of 2022.  


The EWL Austin website will launch soon with the URL - ewlaustin.org.  You can learn more about the chapter and make a donation via the website to help us raise scholarship funds!  Together, we can help women change their lives. 


If you are interested in being a board member of the EWL Austin Chapter please contact Kelly Hopping, EWL Austin President, at Kelly.Hopping@gmail.com.  Board positions are available as well as Austin is recruiting for a Director of Marketing and a Director of Membership.   


Austin President, Kelly Hopping, expressed her enthusiasm with the progress made to date.

“I am excited that the Austin chapter is coming to life! To see our website up and to have our inaugural board in place, I can’t wait to see what we are able to do this year to help support the future female leaders in the Austin area.”  

We’re looking forward to our inaugural year and selecting our first STARs. 

Author: Kelly Hopping, EWL Austin President