STAR Alumni

December Brunch

In December of 2021, the Empowering Women as Leaders (EWL) STAR Alumni group took a trip down memory lane in a Vintage Air Stream trailer and never left the parking lot!!!  We had a wonderful brunch in Addison, Texas that was empowering and lots of fun!


Carolyn Bondy, our founder, and visionary for EWL shared her story and how EWL came to be the shining light and force that it is today.  The STAR Alums shared how EWL has impacted their lives and enjoyed the networking with other STARs.  


Those attended were: Kellie Hayney, Noel Giger, Stephanie Diaz, Kenyatta Smith, and Helanie Smith, Vanessa Lee, Galynn Lindemann and Redonna Higgins, National Director of the STAR Program.  We enjoyed the added pearls of financial wisdom with Redonna which was greatly appreciated.


We visited about the future of the STAR Alumni group and the upcoming events for 2022. A couple of the topic ideas were financial wellness, starting a book club and speakers.  And since we had a great time together, everyone was in favor of having an in person event two to three times a year.  We stayed a bit too long and drank GREAT French pressed coffee. 


We would love to see more of our STAR Alums at our next brunch on April 30th.  We know that you will have a great time!!  More to come on the brunch location.