Spotlighting a New Star

Nadja Gonzales

Escaping a domestic abusive situation, Nadja, her Mother and 11 siblings moved to Dallas seven years ago. Nadja and her family faced many challenges, including homelessness. With no vehicle and no money for public transportation Nadja had a 2-hour commute which was fraught with dangers including sexual harassment and being threatened with weapons.

Nadja’s love for Political Science has driven her passion for Women’s health and policies. That love also helped her find her voice in advocacy for women’s health by understanding the social, political and domestic issues that affect women.

Attending TWU full-time and working full-time leaves Nadja with little money to buy resources and books for school. She has learned to push past those barriers by using her voice to speak up for herself and others like her.

Nadja has achieved so much. She made the Dean’s List in 2020 and an additional achievement of Nadja; she received her Certification as a Birth Doula in 2021 in order to help black birthing Mothers as they face high birth mortality rates. This certification is a huge step in supporting Nadja’s passion to provide community services that help ensure quality care to women before, during and after childbirth.

What is Nadja looking forward to? Fully participating in EWL events and community service and working with her mentor. She would like to give back by mentoring and supporting women who join the program in the future.

EWL Fort Worth Chapter has the distinct honor of having a Mother/Daughter STAR duo. Nadja’s Mother, Meesha, became a STAR of the Fort Worth Chapter of EWL two years ago and now we are so honored and proud to add Nadja to our STAR team. Mother and daughter are so very proud of each other. And, we are so proud of them.

Author: Redonna Higgins